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Lytro Cameras Allow You To Refocus After The Picture Has Been Taken

Lytro has unveiled a new camera designed to give people the ability to refocus their photographs even after the photo has been taken.

Lytro is an emerging company in the US, who made this camera in an effort to make ground breaking changes to the photography industry with its “light field” cameras, scheduled to hit the market sometime this year.

The new technology that the camera is based on is capable of capturing the direction, intensity and colour of individual light rays, which enables users to refocus the picture according to their needs even after it has been created.

Lytro also bragged that its cameras are well capable of taking pictures in low lighting without a flash, and that they are capable of taking a true 3D image with a single lens, instead of the double lenses that are normally required.

"We have something special here," Ran Ng, the founder and chief executive of Lytro wrote in a (opens in new tab) blog post (opens in new tab). "Our mission is to change photography forever, making conventional cameras a thing of the past."

Ng believes that his cameras represent an entirely new type of tool for photographers. You can see, and play around with, some of the pictures taken with these new cameras here (opens in new tab).