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Microsoft Offers Free Data Transfers To The Azure Cloud

Microsoft has announced that all inbound data transfers to its Azure cloud will be available free of cost starting on July 1.

The company also explained that the new service will be valid both throughout both peak and off-peak hours, so companies don't have to worry about timing their transfers for specific periods.

According to experts, the move is primarily driven by the company’s plan to persuade more developers to move onto the Azure cloud along with all their data. This, in turn, will benefit Microsoft as the Azure application will receive inbound transfers at a steadier, more predictable rate.

“Estimating the amount of data we will upload every month is a challenge for us due to the sheer volume of data we generate, the fluctuations of volume month on month and the fact that it grows over time,” said Press Association Chief Technology Officer Andrew Dowsett in a (opens in new tab) statement (opens in new tab).

“Eliminating the cost of inbound data transfer made the project easier to estimate and removes a barrier or uploading as much data as we think we may need,” he added.

Aside fomr making thier jobs easier, the Azure team also siad that it hopes the changes will make the Azure cloud-computing platform more useful for Microsoft's clients.