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Microsoft's BPOS Suffers A Network Outage

Microsoft's Business Productivity Online Standard Suite (BPOS) suffered another outage on Wednesday which left many of its clients annoyed and decidedly unproductive for hours.

Apparently, the glitch, which was caused by a network hardware failure, ended up affecting customers in North America for over three hours.

BPOS, which includes Microsoft’s SharePoint Online and Exchange Online, has suffered a string of network outages over the last few months.

Also, every time there is an outage, the company officials have come out to the media and acknowledged the problem, which is then followed by an official apology, along with the promise to do better in the days to come. But continuing problems thraten to rattle clients' faith in the system.

The company officials explained that the glitch started creating problems around 11 am US Eastern Standard Time, and that a “network equipment issue in its data center is to be blamed for the same.

“All services have been restored. During this incident, customers were updated via social media channels, as access to the Service Health Dashboard was impacted by this incident. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused our customers," Microsoft stated, PC World (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab) reports.