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Mini-Cloud For iPad 2 With Hitachi G-Connect External Storage

Hitachi has recently launched its G-Connect 500GB Wi-Fi compatible external drive that can serve multimedia content to iPad tablets and other devices.

The external drive (opens in new tab) could be very useful for iPad 2 owners since the tablet’s memory is often not enough for what they need to store. Users can now pay only $199 and purchase the 500GB external drive, instead of paying an extra $100 for a 32GB iPad 2 or $200 for a 64GB iPad 2 version.

Thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi capability, G-Connect can act as a hotspot and serve media content to several devices simultaneously. The manufacturer has assured customers they will be able to connect more than 5 devices to the hard drive at the same time.

As soon as the iPad, iPhone or other Android-based devices are connected to the external drive users can view media directories and play media content on their own portable gadgets.

Hitachi’s drive is a multitask device, which allows users to browse the Internet and play media content at the same time.

G-Connector’s built-in battery offers up to five hours of video playback.

It will be interesting to see whether loyal Apple fans prefer to pay loads of money to their favourite company in order to use the new iCloud service, or would rather invest $200 in technology such as G-Connect.

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