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Murdoch servers DDosed in attempt to down the Sun

The Sun's coverage of the arrest of young alleged hacker Ryan Cleary may have got up the noses of those of a similar alleged bent provoking an attack on the tabloid's web site.

We saw a few tweets deploring the fact the rag managed to get 'nerdy' and 'geek' in the first 20 words of its yarn. LulzSec has been complaining willy-nilly about the link the press in general has been making between Cleary and its (dis)organisation.

Now, eyeballs are squinting in the direction of the outfit once again after Sun publisher News International suffered a DDoS attack overnight.

According to the Guardian, which managed to extract a confession from its gutter-dwelling rival, the attack hit NI servers at around 2am this morning, just a few hours before Cleary was due in court. Its source said the attack largely originated in Russia. Whether that's where the perps were at or that's where they have their biggest bots is unclear, of course.

Luckily our own James Nixon was the voice of calm reason in the Sun piece and we haven't been attacked - yet!

A senior source within News International confirmed to the Guardian that third-party architecture was affected for a couple of hours by a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, in which hundreds or thousands of machines make repetitive demands on an internet server.

The computers used for the attack were mainly based in Russia, but that does not mean that the people behind it were based there.

However, the attack did not delay the publication of the newspaper, and only caused delay in some of the digital publication, the source said.

Neither LulZsec nor anyone else has yet claimed responsibility for the attack.