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New Developments In Phone Hacking Investigation, Woman Arrested In Yorkshire

The Scotland Yard has arrested a 39 year old woman during investigation into the charges of phone hacking under Operation Weeting.

According to The Telegraph detectives leading the investigation to come through the allegations of phone hacking on various newspapers have arrested a woman from West Yorkshire. The police believe that suspect Terenia Taras, has contributed more than 30 articles to the News of the World. The police arrested Taras on suspicion of actively participating in the conspiracy of hacking the telephone connections in order to intercept the communication.

According to The Guardian, News of the World owner News International has distanced itself from the arrest in an official statement issued immediately after the arrest of Taras. The excerpts read, “This morning's events did not relate to a current employee or a former full-time member of staff of the organisation. We have been co-operating fully with the police inquiry since our voluntary disclosure of evidence reopened the investigation.”

It has been revealed that Taras was in a relationship with the ex assistant editor of the News of the World, Greg Miskiw who is believed to be living in America currently.