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Nokia Windows Phone 7 handset leaked

Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia has had its first ever Microsoft Windows Phone 7 handset accidently leaked by its own CEO, which has been caught on video with the code name of 'SeaRay'.

Hungarian technology news website (opens in new tab) has published images of the Nokia-Microsoft collaborative mobile phone in addition to footage, from an event hosted by Stephen Elopak the CEO of Nokia.

This was from the same event where the Nokia's N9 MeeGo handset was announced, where the head of the Finnish fone company treated members of the audience to a sneak preview of what's still to come this year - the first Windows Phone 7 driven Nokia handset.

Stephen Elopak asked the crowd attending the event to put away any recording devices that could capture pictures of the much awaited mobile phone, where clearly one person didn't adhere the request and carried on filming.

The inaugural Nokia and Microsoft joint venture appears to have a similar design to the Nokia N8, E7 and X7 handsets - and more importantly, the recently announced N9 MeeGo device.

Nokia's Windows Phone 7 runs from the same Windows Phone 7 'Mango' update that One Mobile Ring caught on video, from the press launch of the platform a few weeks back.

Check out the images from here (opens in new tab), or the full leaked video on the same site here (opens in new tab).

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