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ONS brands 2011 Census hack story a hoax

The Office for National Statistics has issued a statement stomping on reports that LulzSec had wormed its way into its database and snaffled all its records.

The claim for the hack appeared on pastebin in the usual LulzSec manner and we ran a story on the claim here. We got in touch with the census office, which was unable to confrim or deny the claim at the time. We noted as much in the story.

This morning the 2011 Census Press Office sent a missive to state that the "census information is secure and an allegation that it had been hacked is without foundation."

Census director, Glen Watson, added: “I can reassure the public that their census records are secure. We have strict measures in place protecting the nation’s census information. The claim that hackers got in looks like a hoax and our investigation concluded that there is no sign of any suspicious activity. The alleged hackers have also denied any involvement.

"However, we are not complacent and will remain vigilant. The security and confidentiality of census data remain our top priority," he added.