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Sonic Turns 20, Soon To Be Available For Download On Xbox Live

Today Sonic, the Hedgehog celebrates his 20th birthday as it continues its run even two decades later.

Sonic, the video game which was first released on June 23 1991 on the SEGA Mega Drive has appeared in more than 65 video games as well as a comic series, in the form of toys and as TV cartoon in last two decades, informs The Metro.

Sonic which was released in competition with Nintendo’s Mario initially was no match to its rival’s success. In the first year of its release it could not compete with the famous NES which occupied at least 92 percent of the home-based video game market. However, changes and evolution in design and format led the gaming cartoon to become an age-defining character.

‘When Sonic was launched 20 years ago, it was the Call Of Duty of its day. It was what the cool gamer was playing. It was fast, it was anarchic, it was irreverent, it was different,’ says Mike Hayes the chief executive officer of Sega West.

Sonic Generations which has already sold around 80 million units ever since its release will soon be available for download on Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox Live next month.