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Sony Says That It Has Become Hyper-Vigilant

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) is now in a state of “hyper vigilance” to safeguard its cyber infrastructure against external threats, according to a high profile Sony executive.

Acting SCEE president, Andrew House, made these remarks during his “thank you” statement to dedicated PlayStation gamers who have stuck with the company even after its poor security record over the past couple of months or more.

"The first thing I'd like to say to people is that we are genuinely humbled and extremely grateful to those consumers who have continued to put their trust in us," House, said in a statement to the website (opens in new tab)Computer and Videogame (opens in new tab).

"That's a responsibility we now take even more seriously than we did before. We'll try our absolute best to try and make our system as secure as we possibly can," he added.

White also said that his company will require some time to fully convince people that it is able to defend their interests against potential security breaches, but he also insisted that the recent attacks have taught Sony, and probably other companies as well , a valuable lesson that “you have to adopt a stance of hyper vigilance".

Of course, until Sony successfully defends itself from a dedicated attack, consumers will continue to question whether this hyper-vigilance will make a difference.