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UK Law Enforcement Finds No Link Between LulzSec & Cleary

UK law and enforcement agencies have charged a 19 year old for allegedly attacking and taking down the website of a national police unit using a botnet.

The Metropolitan Police Central e-Crime unit arrested the alleged hacker Ryan Cleary on Monday.

According to a leading security expert from the UK, the arrest and subsequent seizure of Cleary’s computer may lead the authorities to members of the infamous hacker group LulzSec.

LulzSec recently claimed to have taken down the website of UK’s Serious Organised Crime Society (SOCA). SOCA is the leading investigating agency whose responsibilities, amongst other, include the investigations of large-scale computer crimes.

Cleary has also been accused of developing a botnet, which he used for numerous DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks on various websites since last October. Investigators say they have found evidence that the same botnet was responsible for taking down the SOCA website on Monday.

“You did conspire with other person or persons unknown to conduct unauthorised modification of computers by constructing and distributing a computer program to form a network of computers (a Botnet) modified and configured to conduct Distributed Denial of Service attacks," read the charge list against Cleary, according to the website Computer World (opens in new tab).