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Wyoming Switches Completely To The Google App For Government

Wyoming has become the first state in the United States to drop its existing productivity software and opt for Google’s cloud computing service designed specifically for government clients.

According to Engadget (opens in new tab), the executive department in the government of Wyoming has decided to start working with Google by shifting its 10,000 employee base to the Cloud-based, government-centered app suite

“And what it’s ultimately going to do is provide the state of Wyoming- that is, our public employees, my office, every state and public employee- the opportunity to do our job better, because we now have a better tool,” said Matt Mead, the Wyoming state governor at a press conference held Wednesday along with Google officials.

Mead also announced the transition in a blog post (opens in new tab)written for Google Enterprise.

Reports suggests that the Google App for Government will enable desk-to-desk video conferencing and a uniform directory of email addresses since everyone will be using gmail accounts for government work. According to Mead, use of Google apps will save the state of Wyoming at least a million dollars per year.

This decision is seen as a major victory for Google, who also convinced the Federa; government to begin moving some work to Google Apps.