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40% Of Europeans To Opt For iPhone With Next Smartphone Purchase

40% of European smartphone buyers are planning to purchase an iPhone in the near future, while 19% would choose an Android-based gadget, 17% would go for a RIM handset, and only 15% of respondents would buy a Nokia phone, a recent European Mobile User Study (opens in new tab) by Yankee Group revealed.

The survey was carried out in a poll of 5,000 consumers and 2,250 employees and IT decision-makers from Germany, the UK, France, Italy and Spain.

The 20% gap between Apple and the runner-up proves once again that the American giant’s offering is very appealing to Europeans. This report also reflects ver poorly on Nokia because the Finnish company has been outrun by Apple and two of its other closest rivals in its home-continent.

The survey also suggests that Android could begin losing ground in front of Apple on the old continent as well. Android’s market share dropped for the first time in the US in a two year period after the iPhone became available on Verizon.

The iPhone currently has a 30% market share in the US, and a 20.8% share in Europe.

35.7% of smartphone sales in Western Europe have been generated by Android devices, but Android’s European market share could experience a severe drop in the near future should the results of Yankee Group’s survey come to pass.

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