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£99.97 LG HT805SH 5.1 Channel Home Cinema System

LG HT805SH is a 5.1 Channel Home Cinema System specifically designed for enhanced multimedia entertainment experience in your home. The stylish and elegant all black finish on each component adds charm in your TV cabinet in the main hall. With a power of 850 watts, the system seamlessly delivers superior quality output, thus providing an immersive experience to the user.

The whole system consists of four lightweight shelf speakers (136 Watts each) which can be kept at different places in the room for proper distribution of sound. A main speaker (136 Watts) is the chief sound producing unit along with a powerful sub woofer (170 Watts) for increased thump in the sound mix. The system comes with a high definition DVD player which can upscale the picture to a resolution of up to 1920x1080 pixels.

The system has an integrated provision for recording audio CDs to mp3 players or USB devices directly, and has full compatibility with the WMA, MP3, JPEG and DivX formats. It has seven different settings for sound modes thus letting you experience the best out of each type of song. Apart from this, it has a digital sound processor for optimization of the quality of sound for best listening experience.

The LG HT805SH 5.1 Channel Home Cinema System can be purchased from for a price of £99.97 only.