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AMNews: LulzSec Hack Was A Hoax, iPhone China Launch Expected Next Year, Alan Turing Remembered

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) has issued a statement earlier today saying that the data collected in the decennial status was secure and safe and that the allegation that it had been hacked was without any foundation. Glen Watson, the census director, said "We have strict measures in place protecting the nation's census information. The claim that hackers got in looks like a hoax and our investigation concluded that there is no sign of any suspicious activity. The alleged hackers have also denied any involvement."

Tim Cook, the second in line to Steve Jobs and Apple's Chief Operating Officer, has apparently been spotted yesterday at China Mobile's headquarters, possibly to discuss the future of the iPhone in China. The mobile phone operator is the biggest in China (and possibly in the world when it comes to customer count). Since the iPhone 4 is already "end-of-line" and Cook is not your usual salesperson, one can expect that talks were centred around the forthcoming uber-important iPhone 5 launch instead.

Microsoft Office 365 brings with it a set of trusted communications and collaboration tools and services for the cloud including Office Professional Plus, Lync Online, Exchange Online, etc. Office 365 offers a multitude of identity based services in terms of user accounts, passwords, identity synchronization, identity federation, etc. This being the first part of a two part series, we shall be looking at the types of identities, user creation and login options.

UK web users are more concerned with their online safety than those from any other country in the world, research suggests. In an international study, entitled “How do users assess threats on the Internet?”, found that over 94 per cent of UK web users have security software installed on their hardware according to thinq.

Alan Turing, one of the founding fathers of modern computing, would have been 99 years old today. The noted polymath and cryptanalyst was born in London in 1912 and excelled at mathematics and science from an early age according thinq_Perhaps most famous for his work at the top secret war-time code-breaking facility at Bletchley Park near Milton Keynes, Turing would spend much of his life in isolation hounded because of his homosexuality.

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