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Apple approves permission-based iOS tracking app

Apple has approved a tracking app which can show every move made by an iOS device.

The permission-based app, which must be installed on both the stalker and the stalkee's devices, is aimed a parents wanting to know what their offspring are up to, people trying to find their friends and, most worryingly, bosses keeping tabs on their employees.

Despite the fact that the tracking software only operates when given express permission to collect and transmit tracking data, as we all know any and all software and hardware is open to abuse. It's far from difficult to lay your hands on someone else's iPhone and takes a matter of seconds to install the software. And how many users actually read the warnings which seem to pop up on smartphones every few seconds nowadays?

We suspect that, like us, a quick stab on the 'Allow' button will happen more often than not just to get back to that tricky level of Angry Birds.

Although the 59p app, which is available now through iTunes, will be a boon for fretful parents, we suspect that questions over the legality of some of its uses will be asked in short order.

Now where's the wife's iPhone?