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Apple outs OSX point release to enable Lion

Apple has pushed a point release to its OSX operating system which is required for anyone intending to update to OSX 10.7 Lion when it's released next month.

Some pundits are suggesting that the unexpected update is some kind of secret portent for an early launch of Lion but we suspect that's little more than wishful thinking.

Apart from the usual security, stability and compatibility tweaks, the release notes reveal that the point release is all abut getting your Mac, and more specifically its Mac App Store software, in tip-top shape for the biggest visible changes Apple has made to the OS for years.

Apple says the update to 10.6.8 is 'recommended' but we're all but certain that anyone intending to cough up £25 for the Lion update, which is the first in Apple's history to be delivered through the App Store only, will be prevented from doing so until their current system is up to date.

Apple says Lion brings all of the best bits of the iOS mobile operating system behind the company's omnipresent iDevices onto the desktop, and anyone without a laptop or an Apple Magic Trackpad will be missing out on most if the new bells and whistles.

The 1GB update is available through Software Update under the Apple menu or direct from Apple.

Be warned, though. We experienced a bit of a nightmare on installing the upgrade on our Mac Pro with its four connected monitors. For some reason the update seems to have footled with the Displays Preferences leaving us with a mess of mismatched desktop backgrounds, random resolutions and an arrangement which made our heads hurt until we sorted it all out.

Apart from that, everything seems hunky dory but please let us know in the comments below if you've experienced any similar ghosts in the machine.