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Apple Patents Automatic Tilt Correction For iPhone Camera

Apple has filed yet another patent application, this time for a technology that automatically corrects tilt and perspective distortion in photos.

The full name of the patent is "Image capture device having tilt and/or perspective correction" and enables iOS devices to correct photos on-the-fly using orientation measurements and data provided by the accelerometer. GPS data and AF measurements are also used to determine the distance between the photographer and the subject.

Users will then be able to correct distortion using the ”dynamic crop lines” option displayed by the camera app. The patent inventors are Jason Chen, Brandon Slack and David Simon.

The patent is useful because it allows users to take clear photos even when their iOS gadgets are not in a steady position. The invention does away with the need for high-performance image processing software or substantial user involvement, which are usually required to correct distortion Apple explains in the patent note (opens in new tab).

The invention could also be used for other portable gadgets that integrate cameras, not just for handset cameras.

It appears that the iPhone camera is increasing in popularity among users, as has been proven by recent Flickr statistics which show that Apple's smartphone has become the most popular camera on the photo-sharing website.

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