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FBI Has Shut Down 95 Percent Of Coreflood Botnet

Federal authorities claim that they have finally taken down the Coreflood botnet, and shut down the substitute server which was used by the FBI to issue commands to the PCs that fell victim to the Coreflood.

The shutting-down of the substitute server was the final step in the two-month-long “Operation Adeona”, an attempt to take down the botnet which was controlling over 2.3 million infected computers.

In April, the FBI and US DoJ (Department of Justice) received an unprecedented restraining order which empowered them to seize all the C&Cs (Command and Control) servers, used for controlling the Coreflood. The agencies then replaced these C&Cs with government-controlled systems

"The continued operation of the substitute server is no longer necessary, under the circumstances, to prevent the Defendants from using the Coreflood botnet in furtherance of their scheme to commit wire fraud and bank fraud and to engage in unauthorized interception of electronic communications," said FBI Special Agent Kenneth Keller in an affidavit dated June 14, Computer World (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab) reports

He also stated that the size of the botnet, responsible for infecting over 2 million Windows based systems since 2002, had been reduced by almost 95 percent.