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Final Update For Mac OS X Snow Leopard Released

Apple has released what seems to be the final update to the Mac OS X Snow Leopard before the new operating system Mac OS X Lion finally hits the market next month.

The new update, dubbed Mac OS X 10.6.8 was launched by the company on Thursday evening with the promise to have fixed several minor bug fixes, as well as to provide enhanced protection against the Mac Defender malware.

In addition to that, Apple has also incorporated advanced IPv6 and VPN support, additional camera RAW profiles and Kerberos authentication to Web-proxy servers.

These latest updates bring "enhancements to the Mac App Store to get your Mac ready to upgrade to Mac OS X Lion," claimed Apple's support website.

Meanwhile, the Mac OS X Lion, also known as version 10.7, will be available via the new App Store, and hence becomes the first disc-less version of the Mac OS line up. Lion will also be available with a disc for people who don't have access to fast internet connections.

Apple also introduced a tweaked version of the OS, featuring over 250 new features, priced at about $21.

Lion, which will be available for download from July, is said to be heavily influenced by the massive success of the company’s iOS platforms for iPad and iPhone.