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Google Recruits Salon Media Group CEO

Former chief executive officer of the Salon Media Group has been hired by Google as the new head of its global news products, new reports confirmed.

Mr. Gingras has been known throughout his career for his popular editorials and his political analysis. He joined the Salon Group back in 2009.

However, his departure from the online news magazine for Google should hardly surprise anyone, especially considering his experience as a Silicon Valley entrepreneur. Gingras founded Goodmail Systems, an email firm, in 2002 and helmed it for the next five years. He has also acted as an advisor for a number of other tech firms.

Gingras served as an advisor on Google’s “media product strategy to the executive” team for a brief period of time, from November 2007 to December 2008, and presumably made lasting connections with the company during that time.

Apparently July 8 will be Gingras' final day with Salon. Google also confirmed the reports that they had hired the former Salon CEO.

“At this time, we're not making an official statement, all I can say right now is we did hire him, Richard Gingras," a Google spokesperson said, the Los Angeles Times (opens in new tab) blog reports.

Salon Media Group has yet to release an official comment on the matter.