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Integrating 4G Compatibility In iPhone 5 Faces Difficulties

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5 could offer 4G compatibility but unfortunately most users won’t be able to enjoy faster mobile connections because the 4G network is not very developed.

One of the other issues with the iPhone 5’s 4G LTE capability is the form factor. A change in design is necessary if the iPhone 5 is to be given LTE, since the LTE chipset has to be fitted somewhere in the hardware. Furthermore, the additional chip will require more battery power which means the smartphone’s overall battery life would be affected, BeatWeek (opens in new tab) points out citing one of its reader’s comments.

And there is another drawback: one of the main US carriers, AT&T, has given up unlimited data plans, which means that users will have to pay more for accessing all the new iPhone 5 offerings such as iCloud and possible 4G compatibility. Verizon attempted to win AT&T customers over by offering unlimited data plans, but that offer is now over.

This means that users will have to watch their data usage very carefully if they do not want to pay astronomical phone bills. The challenge will be hardest for users who have not had to track their usage in the past, they may be unpleasantly surprised by how quickly they can reach their limit, especially with all the new data hungry features available.

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