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iPad 2 Successor To Integrate Retina Display?

The next-generation iPad could sport a resolution 4 times better (2048 x 1536) than the current resolution available on the iPad 2 with a Retina Display replacing the iPad 2’s Super Plane to Line Switching, based on the graphics capabilities described in iOS 5’s software development kit.

Samsung is one of Apple’s main display suppliers and could indeed provide the Cupertino-based giant with Retina displays. But what if Samsung decides to speed up the manufacturing process and launch its own Retina display tablet first, Tech2 (opens in new tab)asks.

This could happen since the two companies have been tangled in a long patent infringement trial and Samsung may seize the opportunity to gain the upper-hand on Apple. However, if Samsung would prefer to cash in the money from Apple’s Retina display orders, it will then supply its legal adversary with these products on the spot.

As for the release of the iPad 2 follow-up, there are currently two theories swirling around. Some suggest that the tablet could hit the stores this fall, while others claim the third-generation iPad will only land sometime in the first months of 2012. Taking into account the fact that Apple did not even mention the iPhone 5 at the recent WWDC 2011 event, it is safe to say that the second theory is more probable.

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