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iPad Accounts For A Fifth Of Non-Computer Web Traffic In The US

comScore has launched a new web-based measurement service to analyse and report web traffic from different digital sources other than computers.

According to Broadcasting and Cable (opens in new tab), web market and measurement analyst comScore has launched a new service, Device Essentials, to keep track of digital traffic from all digital devices including gaming devices, mobile phones, e-book readers and tablets among others.

“Using comScore's proprietary global UDM data set, we have developed an expansive profile of traffic patterns across device type, connection type and geography which delivers the critical insight needed by wireless carriers, OEMs, publishers and app developers,” said Serge Matta, executive vice president of telecom and wireless department at comScore.

According to Matta, the figures generated through the new service will help the organisations work on their marketing techniques in order to reap better results.

The initial report generated by the new service has shown that Apple's iPad is the clear leader in the tablet market, a finding that should surprise no one, but the iPhone, while popular, does not have anywhere near that level of market dominance. The iPad also accounted for more than a fifth of all non-computer web traffic in the US.