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Latest Lulzsec, Anonymous Leak Targets Peruvian Special Police Group

The latest load delivered by Anonymous and Lulzsec as part of Operation Antisec is a list of around 2800 members of the Black Eagles special forces in Peru, the "Águilas Negras".

One hour ago, Anonymous tweeted "#AntiSec Results: | List of ~2800 officers from the Peruvian Águilas Negras (Black Eagles Special Police Unit) | #Peru"; at the time of writing, more than 7300 users had accessed the document.

The details, which were actually posted on a website called rather than Pastebin (ed: it has been added anyway), include the names, age, phone number, ranking, bank or building society and much more.

It is likely that the booty was collected by one of the South-American affiliates of Lulzsec but we're not sure why they chose to target the legitimate Peruvian police force.

We couldn't find any Peruvian "Black Eagles" police group but surprisingly, they share the same name as the most feared extreme right-wing militia group in neighbouring Columbia, which was part of the United Self-Defence Forces of Columbia (AUC). You can find out more about these fine gentlemen here.

Earlier today, Lulzsec claimed responsibility for an attack on the police of the State of Arizona, citing their tough immigration policies as the motivation behind the hack; the details leaked included details of emails and staff as well as some disturbing graphics.