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LulzSec Attacks Arizona Police, Cites Immigration Policies As Motivation

Notorious hacking collective LulzSec has claimed responsibility for the attack on the Arizona Department of Public Safety network and has released a number of confidential documents.

The group breached the website and database belonging to the Arizona DPS, and dumped details of emails, correspondence and staff on public file sharing websites, The Guardian (opens in new tab) reports.

The security breach was confirmed by a DPS spokesperson, and he assured the public that the department is taking extra security measures to prevent any further damage. However, the spokesperson refrained from disclosing what specific measures were being taken, supposedly in order to safeguard DPS infrastructure.

A handful of DPS officials also revealed that they were receiving phone calls from unknown numbers following the attack, causing enough disruption that they are contemplating changing their phone numbers.

The incident, along with other attacks claimed by LulzSec, is currently being investigated by the Federal Investigation Bureau.

The hackers said that the primary motive behind the attack was the Arizona DPS’s stance on immigration issues. Arizona has introduced tough new identification laws meant to deport illegal immigrants. The laws have been heavily criticized and some critics have called them blatantly racist.