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Lulzsec Chatroom IRC Logs Reveal Gritty Reality Of Hacking Group

The gradual unravelling of what appears to be the true story behind hacking group Lulzsec has begun as, similar to the Wikileaks case, British newspaper the Guardian has published the full IRC records of the entity.

The logs have been available for more than 48 hours on various websites including Pastebin, but it is the first time that they've been brought into the limelight and the public eye for everyone to scrutinize.

What the Guardian found out is that there seems to be a figurehead, Sabu, whom their arch-enemy th3j35t3r has identified as being Rafael Xavier AKA Xavier Kaotico, a 30 year old security consultant.

The report dissects the exchanges between the various members of Lulzsec including former ones who left and who have since been outed by the remaining core group.

It shows that Lulzsec has been attempting to disguise itself as a US-backed team of agents, headed by Adrian Lamo, a hacker that was involved in revealing the identity of Bradley Manning in the Wikileaks Saga and whose primary role is to expose online vulnerabilities.

The logs also highlighted how the radicalisation of Lulzsec which culminated in the hacking of Infragard, an FBI-affiliated website at the beginning of the month, may have caused two members to leave abruptly. The fact that Lulzsec went after powerful governmental agencies has upped the ante and their profiles as well; how long will that cat and mouse game last?