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Lulzsec Website Suffers Torrid DoS Attack, Goes Down Momentarily, the battleship of hacking group Lulzsec, was unavailable for at least an hour earlier today, after suffering heavy DoS fire from unknown attackers (although a hacker called On3iroi is suspected to be one of them).

The Lulzsecurity site is protected by popular web security service Cloudflare, but even that couldn't prevent Lulzsec's website from going offline (ed: pity we don't have a screen shot).

On3iroi says on his website - which has the tagline "One must not tie a ship to a single anchor, nor life to a single hope", a clear reference to Lulzsec - that the first part of Operation Supernova has been successful, that Cloudflare is not his target and that the service creates a backup of the site to keep it up and running.

Strangely enough, On3iroi was keen to highlight the fact that the "test" that downed Lulzsecurity momentarily, was a DoS rather than a DDoS; this could mean that he acted alone from a single source.

Another self-proclaimed "Hacktivist for Good", the Jester, may have also participated or at the very least least lent his moral support to the attack. The escalation comes on the day that Lulzsec promised to unleash the first payload obtained from their Operation Anti-Security which took place at the beginning of the week.