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Microsoft Aims At Healthcare Through Kinect

Windows maker Microsoft on Thursday demonstrated the use of its much successful gaming technology Kinect to solve problems being faced by the health care industry across the world.

According to tech website PC World Craig Mundie, head of research and strategy at Microsoft Corp. staged the demonstration of a soon-to-be launched application to address medical issues.

While speaking at the Pacific Health Summit in Seattle, Mundie informed about video conferencing for Kinect motion sensing technology which could well be put to use for medical purposes. Interestingly, the feature will be made available to users of the software giant’s video gaming console, the Xbox in a few weeks time.

“If you get the animation of the eyes, eyebrows, face and mouth nominally correct, most of the major human emotions are accurately portrayed. You get a huge amount of cues even though you’re looking at their cartoon characters”, Mundie stated while addressing the summit.

Microsoft is not alone though, as the Redmond, Washington-based software manufacturer is accompanied by other organisations as well who are trying hard to enter the health care sector for several years now. Kinect could just make Microsoft’s entry much easier than the rests, hopefully!