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More People Access Wireless Internet With iOS Than Android

A new report suggests that more people are using iPhones to connect through wireless connections than are using Android-based devices.

According to the figures generated by comScore’s new service Device Essentials, it has been revealed that nearly 47.5 percent of iPhone users in the United States have accessed a wireless Internet connection to view mobile web pages through their smartphone, but only 21.7 percent of Android-based smartphone users have used Wi-Fi to view web pages.

The survey, which was conducted in May, also revealed that iPhone users have accessed web through their iPhones for nearly 52.5 percent of the time which is much lower in number when compared to owners of smartphones based on Google’s Android operating system. Android users have used the mobile network for 78.3 percent of the time.

According to tech website Fierce Wireless (opens in new tab) the survey report is in line with the findings of Meraki, an organisation known for cloud computing. Meraki suggests that the iPhone has the largest share of Wi-FI usage.

Meraki’s data also revealed that iOS devices have increased their market share by 15 percent in one year to 47 percent, while Android-based devices have grown by 10 percent to reach 11 percent of total market share.