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Precreate Posts 'Virtual Status Updates' While You're Away

In a modern update to timed lights, which give the appearance of someone being home, a British security firm is offering a “virtual status update” service for the users of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The new service will be aimed at keeping burglars away from users’ doorsteps, while they are on holiday, or otherwise unable to access social networking accounts.

Precreate Solutions claims that a handful of its clients were broken into after they had announced their holiday plans on social media platforms.

“Putting up a Facebook posting of photographs on a beach to 300-400 ‘friends’ is like leaving an advert on your door to a burglar telling him when you will be out,” Gary Jackson, the president of Precreate Solutions said, The Telegraph (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab) reports.

The new services will allow users to carry on with “virtual updates” in their Facebook and Twitter profiles, while they are still away on holidays.

These “virtual status updates” will comprise of pre-approved updates, messages, and tweets, which the subscribers can schedule according to their own comfort.

However, a company spokesperson also advised all social networking users to think twice before disclosing their holiday plans via social media platforms.