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Team Fortress 2 becomes a free-for-all

Game delivery outfit Valve has made its popular first-person shooting romp, Team Fortress 2, free to play for anyone with an Internet connection.

Team Fortress 2 - for those who aren't familiar with the title - is a squad-based, multi-player, first person shooter from the creators of the popular Half Life series. The game features different 'classes' of character- including a 'Spy' capable of slipping past enemy lines, a 'Heavy' with an improbably large weapon, and a 'Medic' capable of healing allies. It centres around anarchic, cartoonish action at a frenetic pace.

The freebie is available for both Mac and PC and can be had at this link.

Here's the promo vid to give you a flavour of what you'll be getting for nowt: