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Third-party Widgets In iOS 5 Notification Center, Patent Suggests

Apple has recently been granted a patent for multi-touch capacitive interface technology which could enable the company to pursue lawsuits against other manufacturers potentially infringing on the technology with their own devices.

The media has been mainly focusing on this possible use of the patent and has failed to notice clues within the patent document pointing to third-party widget implementation in iOS 5’s Notification Center.

Key phrases such as “User-Created Widget(s)” and “Widget Creator Module” are specified in the patent. This means that users could create their own widgets and then run them on the iPhone or the iPad, 9to5 Mac (opens in new tab) reports.

It appears that some special app programming interface supplied by Apple could allow users to create and install third-party widgets in the Notification Center of iOS 5.

Integrating third-party widgets into iOS 5 ”is technically feasible” since jailbreak fans have already managed to install system tweaks as well as themes for the user interface.

Apple could create a special section in its App Store dedicated to widgets from third-party sources. The company’s virtual store could distribute these widgets and thus try to reduce the temptation for users to jailbreak their iDevices.

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