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Travelodge Admits Its Database Was Compromised

The UK based hotel chain Travelodge has finally admitted that its customer database was hacked or otherwise compromised 24 hours after the first reports about a possible breach made the news.

A spokesperson from Travelodge acknowledged that its customer database had been compromised but refrained from disclosing the details of the breach, and concluded by saying that a limited number of people might have been affected during the attack.

Travelodge officials also claimed that no payment details or financial information was stolen during the attack.

Travelodge Chief executive officer Guy Parsons issued a letter to customers, saying that his company did not sell any customer data to third parties, and downplaying any potential damage.

“Our main priority is to ensure the security of our customers’ data, which is why I wanted to

make you aware, that a small number of you; may have received a spam email via the email

address you have registered with us,” (opens in new tab) read the letter (opens in new tab)signed by Parsons.

“Please be assured, we have not sold any customer data and no financial information has

been compromised,” it added.

But the letter CEO's did not sign any more light on the nature of the attack than the Travelodge spokesperson had.