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UK May Allow Copyright Holders To Create Internet Blacklist

A recent closed-door meeting between the UK communication minister ISP representatives, and copyrights holders has left BT worried.

According to tech website The Register (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab), (opens in new tab)BT is opposed to the proposal being discussed between the authorities and copyright lobbyists which may give companies the right to censor the internet in the UK.

The proposal being discussed would give ISPs and copyright holders the right to block or blacklist websites that are found to be infringing upon copyright contents. Ed Vaizey, the minister of communication met the right holders group formed by Motion Picture Association, the Publishers Association and the Premier League.

The documents of the proposal leaked on web by the Open Rights Group (opens in new tab) reveal that the bodies are attempting to get a voluntary website blocking scheme in process. The scheme will limit people's access to content online.

Part of the reason this law is controversial is that websites could be taken down without due process, and corporate copyright holders often interpret their copyrights as broadly as possible.

"It is critical that policy making happens through a broad and open public debate, especially on matters that so tangibly affect rights such as access to information and freedom of expression.” states the Open Rights Group.