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Will Nokia Release An Android-Powered N9?

Pictures of what look like a Nokia-branded Android smartphone - not unlike the N9 - have emerged online courtesy of a Chinese website, days after after the snaps of the first official Windows Phone from the Finnish company, and its first (and last) Meego phone, the N9, were released.

The pictures were published by, but since you will need to have a member account the fine guys at Engadget posted the photos on their website again; they do appear to be genuine and there's even a close up picture of the screen - with some Chinese scribbles on it - that doesn't appear to be photoshopped.

The same account posted the first picture of Nokia's Windows Phone prototype, the Sea Ray, back in May and does seem to have access to internal Nokia projects. Obviously, it could be a straight forward screen capture but we sincerely hope that it's not the case.

One has to wonder whether Nokia's CEO is not contemplating emulating Samsung's strategy and embracing several operating systems. Nokia is too big for any major player to ignore - and that includes Microsoft.

The N9, which was only released on the 21st of June, showed that Nokia still can deliver some great smartphone in the same vein as the popular N95. While not featuring cutting-edge hardware, the N9 came up with some pretty unique features that set it apart from its rivals.