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Apple Optimistic About MacBook Air Sales, Doubles Production For Third Quarter

It seems, Apple is sure about massive surge in the demand of its forthcoming laptop, MacBook Air, scheduled to hit the market sometime during July.

According to tech website Ars Technica internal sources have revealed that Apple has asked its components manufacturers to double the production for third quarter in comparison to the previous one.

In a report published by Digi Times Systems, production of parts for Apple’s MacBook Air is estimated to surge, as the supply chain targets to deliver nearly 2.4 million units in the month of June, going even higher for July at 2.8 million units. Market experts goes on to estimate that the third quarter this year may see nearly eight million units being sold, which is clearly double the previous record set by Apple for Mac sale.

“Shipments of parts and components for MacBook lineups totaled an equivalent of 2.2-2.4 million MacBooks in June, and orders for July are likely to top 2.7-2.8 million units.” informed DigiTimes.

However, Apple is yet to release the results of the third quarter of the current fiscal year. Once Apple confirms if the sales of Mac reached four million units, then only its claim to sell eight million units can be considered.