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EA Confirms Hack, Customer Data Stolen

Electronic Arts (EA) on Friday revealed that the company’s website has suffered a cyber attack leading to leak of user data.

US-based video game giant, EA has confirmed that one of its oldest servers was attacked by cyber criminals and customer data such as name and phone number was stolen, reports Washington Post.

“The server system associated with the 'Neverwinter Nights' forums was the target of a highly sophisticated and unlawful cyber attack,We immediately took appropriate steps to protect our consumers’ data and launched a thorough ongoing evaluation of the breach,” EA announced on its website.

According to the information revealed, passwords, email addresses, user names, phone numbers and birth dates seem to have been compromised during the data breach. However, the company has assured that none of the credit card detail of the customers was compromised in the breach.

The company has immediately reset login passwords of all its customers and has advised them to refrain from using common email addresses or passwords or user names on any other website.

EA is the latest victim of continuing cyber attacks by hacking groups such as LulzSec after Sony Corp., and the Brazilian Government websites among many others.