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Facebook Likely To Have 750 Million Users Claims Report

If experts are to be believed, social networking juggernaut Facebook has crossed 750 million users mark within a span of just one year.

According to tech website CNET, leading social networking website, that reached a milestone by registering 500 million users in summers last year, might have surged its user base by at least 250 million in one year.

Tech Crunch is reporting if the user growth pattern of the Palo Alto, California-based Facebook is keenly observed, then speculation about reaching a 750 million mark seem to be very realistic. However, it seems like the social networking giant is waiting to reach one billion target before making another announcement.

“The last semi-official update came from a leaked Goldman Sachs report for potential Facebook investors that pegged the number at 600 million in January”, the website has written. However, there is a possibility that the company might reveal the exact number at the forth coming F8 conference.

An important aspect of Facebook’s metric system is that the company’s metric include every user in its user base who has logged in the Facebook account at least once in a month.