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Google Admits Antitrust Probe, Says Company Will Co-operate

Google Inc. has confirmed receiving legal notice or subpoena to instigate an inquiry regarding its alleged monopoly over the web-based search market.

According to the Wall Street Journal Google has acknowledged receiving the subpoena issued by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) of United States to seek formal inquiry of Google’s search business. The inquiry is a result of complaints from various organisations accusing Google of thwarting competition and creating a monopoly.

"Using Google is a choice - and there are lots of other choices available to [users] for getting information: other general-interest search engines, specialized search engines, direct navigation to websites, mobile applications, social networks, and more," stated Amit Singhal, a Google representative in a company’s blog post.

Singhal has clearly stated that the company will co-operate FTC in the inquiry, however, he also clarified that Google is happy to cultivate competition rather than inhibiting it as the company and its global staff has a firm belief that primary focus has to be on users and rest will automatically follow.

According to market analyst company FairSearch, Google has itself invited inquiry by US antitrust authorities by conducting anti-competitive practices in the market.