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Hackers Take Down Brazilian Government Sites

Hackers on Friday hit major Brazilian government websites for a short period of time, adding more to the current wave of cyber attacks on government websites.

The hackers knocked down website for Institute of Geography and Statistics and managed to post a message for a short period of time. The message read, “This month, the Brazilian government will suffer the highest number of virtual attacks in its history. These attacks are a protest by a nationalist group that desires to transform Brazil into a better country."

The group which named itself as Fail Shell also pulled down websites for Brazil’s presidency as well as its tax collection department. The public was unable to access them for nearly two and a half hours.

According to Reuters, the hackers did not try to access any confidential and sensitive data stored. Country’s computer data agency has no clue about the source of hackers, however, Gilberto Paganotto, head of the agency has revealed that hackers have used robotic computers to accomplish their task.

A Brazilian daily has informed that the LulzSec has taken responsibility for the attack. The group, which has previously pulled down on websites for Sony Corp., Fox TV, the CIA, among many others, seeks to get hold of confidential data of the government.