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Tony Blair hacked

Possible war criminal and former UK prime minister Tony Blair has fallen victim to a hack that has seen a bunch of information from a webserver apparently attached to his office leaked online.

The information includes names, addresses and phone numbers of a number of Blair's friends and associates along with his social security number.

The data aren't particularly damning but the hackers behind the intrusion - the bunch called TeaMp0isoN - are making a big deal of it. It seems they're getting a bit fed up of all the attention LulzSec are getting and are jumping up and down shouting 'Hey, look at us!'

The information is leaked in a pastebin posting. "The information in this article was obtained in 2010 December. We still have access to the webmail server, phone numbers may have changed but all the information is 100% legit," the post claims.

In a post on Twitter last night, TeaMp0isoN hacker TriCk wrote: "Tony Blair's Private Info is getting leaked tonight, so is his Personal Adivsors CV and UK MPs & Lords who supported the war in iraq."

He announced the breach with the twit: "Tony Blair and His Sheep Get Owned."

He later added: "Tony Blair is a war criminal, he should be locked up."

We have contacted Tony Blair's office for confirmation and will add any comment that is forthcoming.