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Website Claims Microsoft Setting Up Free to Play For Xbox

Reports are that Xbox 360 may soon offer Free to Play games to game lovers across the world.

According to tech website Develop-Online, the Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft Corp. is developing a micro transaction system in order to bring some free to play titles to its gaming console. The system will allow gamers to buy titles, using Xbox’s virtual currency.

“Several sources connected to the matter say Microsoft is, behind the scenes, calling on developers to discuss possible free-to-play game deals. This will be games that can either be monetised by in-game items or premium upgrade costs”, Develop-Online informed.

Although Microsoft has not spoken on the matter, but free to play games are becoming a rage in the current gaming market. Last week game title, Stream came out free for its users whereas only yesterday, Team Fortress 2 which is owned by Valve was set out for free.

This news reinforces the bet placed by the tech website IGN in April this year, when it strongly quoted close sources to inform that Microsoft will soon offer free to play (F2P) games on its Xbox Live within a year. IGN also revealed that the company is preparing a micro transaction system for the same purpose.