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Geohot sold his soul to Facebook

IPhone hacker George Hotz, the man who so miffed Sony by publicising the signing key used to lock down the digital rights management system in the PS3, has gone and got himself a job working for the Man.

That Man is Mark Zuckerberg, owner of do-as-much-evil-as-you-like social notworking site Facebook.

Fellow jailbreak hacker Joshua Hill (p0isixNinja to his chums) made the claim in an interview (reposted here (opens in new tab)). This lead a few folk to go rummaging about on the interwebs, digging up a post on Hotz's own Facebook page in which he apparently announced his new career direction to his chums. He seems to have said that 'Facebook is really an amazing place to work.'

The aparent about-face came after Sony dragged George through the courts over his role in the outing of Its PS3 signing key, which was one of the first of the clumsy corporation's recent woes. Indeed, its treatment of young George was one of the things that turned the hacking community against Sony and led to the calamitous hack of its Playstation Network.

It seems the experience of being hauled in front of the beak was enough to give George the willies, so much so it seems that when Facebook came a courting George was unable to resist.

Next we'll find out that the members of LulzSec gave up hacking to take up jobs at Homeland Security. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.