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£69.99 LG W2043S-PF 20-inch Widescreen Monitor

The LG W2043S-PF is a quality 20-inch widescreen monitor in offering from the house of LG Electronics. The device is equipped with a wide range of new age technologies, powerful enough to cater to your demands for a high-end display, that too at a really affordable price.

The 20-inch viewable display provides you with high quality, life like pictures at a maximum resolution of 1600x900 pixels - perfect for a wide variety of tasks, from gaming, to movies, or any other activities that require a smooth, error free visual aspect.

The response time is as low as 5ms, while the dynamic contrast ratio stands at an impressive 30,000:1. The panel type is TN and the brightness level, 300 cd/m2.

The surface treatment type belongs to the Anti Glare 3H class, whereas the viewing angle is 170/170. The pixel pitch and colour depth, on the other hand, are 0.276x0.277 and 16.7 million respectively.

Another highlighting aspect of the product is the built in “Photo Effect” feature, which enables you to easily edit the colour and tone of an image.

The LG W2043S-PF 2-inch Monitor is available at eBay for an amount of £69.99 only.