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Anonymous launches hacking lessons at School4Lulz

Anonymous has issued a beginner's guide to hacking online under the title, School4Lulz.

With the disbandment of hacker group LulzSec (opens in new tab), the online 'hacktivist' collective is clearly looking for buddies to continue its fight under the banner Operation InfoSec - and one way of recruiting fellow travellers, it seems, is to issue them with a Hacking 101.

School4Lulz is available at the group's 'Lolhackers' site, and provides information on hacking techniques including as the so-called 'SQL injection' method used by both Anonymous and LulzSec in a number of their high-profile hacking attacks. Instructor-in-chief 'Hatter' also dishes out some advice on probing site vulnerabilities.

A downloadable 'Basic to Advance (sic) hacking guide' Zip file containing PDF versions of the school's lessons, has also been posted at a well-known online cyber locker site. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.