Apple to start building iPhone 5 in August

Apple will start the iPhone 5 production lines rolling this August, according to an investment banker.

Katy Hubert, an analyst at Morgan Stanley, has just returned from a trip to the Far East where she sniffed around various factories in Taiwan, some of the them involved with the production and assembly of the next iteration of Apple's iPhone.

According to Apple Insider, the globe-trotting bean counter managed to get people who are carrying out lucrative contracts for the most secretive tech company in the world to lift the lid on billions of dollars worth of business which would be whipped away by Apple before you could say 工业间谍活动* at the merest hint of a leak.

In a note to investors Hubert said, "Apple’s next iPhone will begin production in mid to late August and ramp aggressively," leading her to guess that the iPhone 5 will arrive in September.

That all hooks up nicely with the expected release of iOS 5, OSX Lion and Apple's iCloud service and would make sense in the run up to Annual Non-Denominational Gift Giving Family Celebration Fun Time... or Christmas as we pagans still like to call it.

There are so many rumours about what the iPhone will and won't be that we rounded them all last week and ran them through our patented Cobblers-o-Meter.

You can see the results of our highly-scientific investigations here.