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Apple Time Capsule's 'Server-Grade' Hard Drive Is A General Public Model

Apple’s newly released Time Capsule devices come with a consumer grade hard disk drive instead of a server grade version, it has been discovered.

The company updated versions of the 2 TB and 3 TB Time Capsule, claiming that the devices come with server grade hard drives. A server grade hard drive runs properly for around a million hours before requiring maintenance.Consumer grade hard drives are not expected to last nearly that long, but there is no official designation for what constitutes a server-grade hard drive.

A hardware tear down carried out by Hardmac (opens in new tab)revealed that the devices come with a Western Digital Caviar Green consumer grade hard disk drive instead of a server grade version that is being advertised by Apple.

The iPad maker quietly upgraded the Time Capsule series with the addition of a 3 TB model while offering a discount on the older 1 TB version of the storage device.

Users are able to connect the Time Capsule device to a wireless network and use the Time Machine feature on Mac OS X to make backs ups of their data. The new Time Capsule models use 802.11n wireless standard networking.

Features like a private cloud system, a dedicated iTunes server network and storage features for software updates will be made available for the device via firmware updates.