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Best Buy Stops Ordering MacBook Air Ahead Of Hardware Refresh

Retailer Best Buy has stopped taking online orders for the Apple Macbook Air, indicating that Apple is planning a device refresh in the near future.

According to an article on Apple Insider (opens in new tab), the computers are currently listed on the Best Buy website as ‘Not Available for Shipping’. Apple on the other hand is still offering the computer from both its online stores and retail outlets.

Best Buy continues to sell the MacBook Air from its brick and mortar stores, though many of them have run out of stock. Apple is expected to refresh the ultra light weight laptop with new Intel Sandy Bridges processor and Thunderbolt data transfer technology.

The MacBook Air update will bring the device in-line with MacBook Pro and Macbook which have already been updated by Apple.

Meanwhile, Apple Insider has learned that Apple will launch the new laptops with the Gold Master version of the Mac OS X Lion operating system and that is causing a delay.

Mac OS X Lion, which was unveiled during the World Wide Developer Conference, is expected to be released on the Mac App Store in July followed by boxed versions.

Apple usually does not tell customers ahead of a hardware refresh, presumably so that sales don't slump as people put off buying a computer to wait for the newest version.