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Facebook Now Second To Google In UK Traffic

Facebook is now the second most popular web destination behind Google according to data collected by online research firm UKOM/Nielsen released earlier today.

The social networking website revealed last week that it had reached more than 750 million users and clocked 26.8 million visits last month from UK members, with a growing proportion coming from so-called 'silver surfers' (over fifties) with their numbers almost doubling since 2009.

What's even more surprising is that UKOM/Nielsen calculated the overall website visitors; Facebook has only one major online property while Microsoft and Google have dozens, from Gmail, Google Maps, Bing, Windows Live, MSN, Windows etc.

Google is still far ahead of Facebook or Microsoft with a whopping 33.87m UK visitors for the month of May alone, around half of the country's population.

The UKOM/Nielsen data also showed that LinkedIn is gradually catching up on Twitter with the business networking website clocking nearly 18 million US visitors in May up by nearly 70 per cent over the last year while Twitter hit 23.6 million.

Also, it looks like the rumours of a premature death for Facebook might have been exaggerated as the social networking website has grown significantly since 2010 both in the UK and in the US grabbing a jaw dropping 14 million new visitors in May 2011 compared to the same month in 2010.

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